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10.5.13 Ankara trial monitors raise 'serious concerns' about transparency
Friday, May 10th 2013
The findings of the joint SIHRG and Euro-Med trial monitoring mission to Ankara Turkey have been published today.

The team, led by Marc Schade-Poulsen (Denmark) and Jo Cooper (UK), monitored the trial of Osman Isci and others, senior trades unionists who were originally charged in June 2012 with offences arising from their representative work on behalf of the union. The case was heard on 10th April and further adjourned.

The observers concluded that although some aspects of the hearing were conducted appropriately, they had significant concerns in relation to equality of arms between prosecution and defence, delay, the use of interpreters between Turkish and Kurdish, and transparency - indeed it was unclear to the observers whether the interim outcome of the case arose from anything said or done at the hearing as opposed to political developments elsewhere.

"There is a strong appearance that the criminal law is being used as a weapon in the external diplomatic developments which are clearly in progress and which were referred to openly in court. This has the effect of undermining any confidence in the Rule of Law...

"...(It) fuels the perception that the fact of these prosecutions, and indeed the way they are pursued, is highly dependent on extra-judicial influences."

The report is available here

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